Your brief

How does it work?

We use our in-depth knowledge of the individuals in our extensive network to select a shortlist of freelance consultants that best match your brief.

We only recommend the most talented individuals that are the best fit for your role and business. We have direct relationships with thousands of professionals across the sector and are confident in helping you find the right person. 

We can also help advise on all aspects of the brief, and if for any reason we haven’t got the right freelancer for you, we’ll tell you.

The process

  1. We notify you when we receive your brief and ask for any additional information if necessary
  2. We use our personal knowledge of the talented individuals in our database and wider network to immediately begin the search for the best freelancer for the role
  3. We check the most suitable freelancers have capacity for work and confirm their interest in your brief – (if required, the precise company details and/or role can be kept confidential from the freelancers at this stage)
  4. We send a shortlist of freelancers to you for consideration
  5. We connect you with the freelancers you want to discuss the role with
  6. You confirm the chosen freelancer for the role and agree the terms of the engagement – we can assist with model contracts as required
  7. We handle all the invoicing and ensure payment is received by the freelancer

The financials

We operate a transparent pricing structure that puts you and the freelancer in control, with no hidden fees.

We are available to give guidance on day rates and project fees, but the final cost is agreed between you and the freelancer. There are no fees submitting your brief.

This allows Sport Industry Group to remain impartial about which freelancer we recommend and to ensure both parties receive fair value. Our pricing is a transparent 10% commission based on the agreed fee.

You and the freelancer can agree a fee that is fair for you both, accommodating the commission as appropriate.

If you and the freelancer want to make it a permanent role, we charge a one-off fee to facilitate that transition.

There are no fees for submitting your brief.

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